Cat (Mark II)

There is a temple, in a forest clearing. It has been abandoned.

No need to know why it was abandoned. The abandonment is the only thing of importance.

Roof tiles have fallen from on high. Statues has gone. Where is not known, but they are not where they once were. The torii gates have fallen other. Or perhaps they still stand. No one was here to hear them fall. The main building is giving way to dilapidation.

There is no one to document any of this. Well, almost no one.

Every day, a cat wanders through the forest into the temple. No need to know whose cat this is. No need to know what the cat looks like. Could black, could be tortoise shell, could be any colour. That is of no concern. The only concern is that this cat comes to the temple.

No other animals frequent here, so the cat is not here for food. No people come by here so there is no seeking of company. Nope. The cat comes here to track the changes that afflict the temple. How many rooftiles are left on the roof? How many are on the forest floor? Have the torii gates really fallen? What remains of the main building?

The cat makes notes on all of this, adding them to the previous inspections. There is no intent on fixing any of this. The rooftiles will not return to on high. The main building will not see any renovations. The statues will not come back. None of that concerns the cat. The feline simply wants to track the life span of the temple. Nothing more. Nothing less. Once the round is finished, the cat will take a quick sit, glance one last time at the temple and wander back through the forest.

Where to? Not know. Anyone care? Not particularly. All the matters is that tomorrow, the cat will return to the temple and see what is what.

Nothing more, and nothing less.


A redraft of Cat. No idea why I’m fond of this idea but I am. May be it will become something bigger. Or may be not. I’ll take it as it comes.

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