I thought that I had done this. That he was overcome. The blow felt powerful. It felt enough.











I should have known better. Someone that big doesn’t fall that easily. He was far too resilient for that. And in his fury, he hit back, harder than I ever could. There’s something of me left down there. What that is exactly I cannot say, but I know it’s down there.









I prodded and poked for weakness. He didn’t have to do that. Simple claw swipes rendered bone and sinew equally. And in those rare moments when they failed, the seemingly unholy flame turned flesh and armour alike to ash.








And yet, I kept on getting up. Time and time and time again I dragged my battered and shattered would be corpse back to that pit over, and over again. Every attempt saw something gained, no matter how small. A pattern memorised here, an attack noted there.








And that’s the thing about dragons. Yes, they are big, they are terrifying, they can break even the best and bravest spirts. But they are beatable. I was getting hurt. I was getting bodied. But they are beatable.






And all alone in that pit, after the last roar rang out, the last fire faded, I had won. And knew I could triumph again if needs must. I should hope they don’t, but inevitably, they will.





This is the fight in its entireity. 4 hours (between 30 – 35 attempts) it took. But I did it. And I’ve done it again since (a lot quicker than that).

I love this fight now. It is an amazing boss fight, with a great back story and outstanding music. Love ya Darkeater.


Ever wonder how it got to this? How it got this far? More so, how did I not see it getting this far? The signs where obvious, yet I sat there, all along convincing myself things would get better, that this too would pass.

And here I am, watching it all turn to ash. The fire burns bright, and brighter still, yet one day one day it will fade. All fires do.

Hopefully I will see beyond that point. Hopefully.