There is a temple. It is in a forest clearing. Abandoned.

Don’t need to know why its abandoned. The fact alone is the necessary thing here.

Some of the roof tiles have fallen from on high. Some of the statues have gone. No idea where, but they aren’t where they once were. No one was interested in looking for them. Oh well. The Torii gates have fallen over. Or maybe they still stand. No one heard them fall. Can’t be long until the main building falls. Least it seems that way.

No one knows any of this. Well, someone does.

Everyday a cat wanders through here. Don’t need to know whose cat it is. The fact a cat is here is what is important.

There are no animals here, so there is nothing for the cat to eat. There are no people here, so there is no food to be handed out. No, the cat comes here to track the changes the temple goes through. How many roof tiles remain? Did the torii gates really fall? When did those statues go away? How long does the main building have left?

The cat takes notes on all of this and adds them to previous inspections. Takes a quick sit, glances at the temple one last time before wandering back into the forest around.

Where is the cats shelter? No one knows. Does anyone care? All that matters is that the cat will be back tomorrow, checking the temple and taking down notes.


A thing I wrote. I don’t really know what it is, but it exists and that’s enough for now.

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