tower tall idly breaks into the sky. first town seen.
ashen pagodas all hollows.
people here have long since left.
night falls. ghosts eat through shadows. two tailed cats dance, and dance.
i keep riding.

lantern light bobs across open plain.
trading post, nothing more.
few supplies taken, nothing more.
under fallen night only the stars watch my leave.
i keep riding.

comings together of oni and metal.
forgotten engagements taken by rust.
sunlight breaks on colossal forms and scattered metal.
galloping in and through mechanized shadow
i keep riding.


sorry about the lack of updates. have things going on. still writing though. and building giant robots. so there’s that. in any case you can play spot the pokemon/anime references.

and as usual, the song i was listening to as i typed this up:

video uploaded by user Maineutral

best theme song ever. and one of the most awesome animes ever.

it’s late where i am, so without further or do,  おやすみなさい.