“But why not master the bow, or even seek out the arcane?”
“You always return hurt, sometimes gravely. The distance offered would at least
mitigate that, would it not?”
“You aren’t listening to a word I’m saying, are you?”
“No, I am. Your concerns are appreciated, and you do raise some good points. But
while the bows and magics of the world offer degrees of safety they lack that vital
feeling of catharsis. When a cataclysmic encounter nears its end, and the axe
blade splinters a beasts arm into a mess of crimson and bone. When that
beast cries out and the final arc smashes into its side, rending flesh in twain.
That is catharsis. And without that, I can’t do this. Distance cannot give that
feeling. I hope you understand this, why I shall carry this axe forever more.”


More Salt and Sanctuary and Bloodborne inspired writing.

Music I listened to as I wrote this:

Good stuff.


Brilliant and pure, a ribbon of light floating in the darkness.

I cannot recall the exact time when I first saw it. I only know sleep eluded me
during that time, and the light seemed to be a hallucination.

But night after night the light returned until I could deny its existence no longer.
So I accepted it, and the light led me through the darkness. And the things it
revealed to me. So many secrets and places beyond human space.

Soon the night was welcomed. For with it came the light and it always pleased me so.

Friends and family fell away. I only needed the light.

Everyone stopped talking to me. They would always disappear after trying to speak
to me. The village gradually slipped into abandonment. Only me and the light remained.

Everywhere is caked in filth, and other things. I feel different but I cannot say how.
No mirrors remain to reflect my visage, and no one remains to speak to me, leaving me
alone to assess my person, and I’m too far gone for that. Much of my life before the
light visited is merely a phantom. But, that’s fine. For each time the night comes,
the light shows me so many beautiful things.


More Bloodborne inspired writing.

What I listened to as I wrote this:

If I’m being honest, a lot (if not all) of my motivation for learning Japanese has gone. But I still listen to these, out of habit if nothing else.