Skyscrapers hollowed out like goddamn. A Japanese giant robot sits,
cross-legged in one of moderate size. It hollowed it out back in
the great of war of whenever the hell it happened. All it remembers
though is a summer day in 1978 when the trout swam freely.

It reminds all the locals of a flower of many colours
blossoming in goddamn.


Random thing is random. And Brautigan inspired. And surreal I guess.


Azure Red

From deep space, a radio message.
“Fall back to the front.”
We have a front? Where? In the mess of rubble and metal?
Between the streams of bullets?
Between the explosions?
I’ll just hide in the hollowed out buildings.
Fuck. They’re gone.

Everything has gone silent. Something just flashed bright.
The way the dusty sun bounces off it. Can only be one thing.
The azure red mech. The gunfire begins anew. But…

The bullets arrive where it was, never where it is.
Grand blazing sword slides through mechas.
Its rifle fire pays no heed to evasion.
Shoulder cannons spiral orange bolts along impossible lines.
It belongs to no side or cause. Imbued with serene grace.
This isn’t combat. It’s not war.
It’s the concept of zen,
soaked and boiled in ultra violence.

And now it’s gone.
Fallen mechas line the ground.
Heaven shattering roar breaks on the horizon.


Giant robots are the best. Inspired by Evangelion and the like.

So its come to this

The days have forsaken their identities. Another block becomes dust in the wind.
Tomorrows of mecha pilots stack up. They’ll never get any use now.

The horizon has burned down. Clouds downed in plumes of fire. Heaven breaking roar
shatters what is left of the will. White fire exits toothen maw at extreme speed.

I sit, and watch the colourless flame envelop all in its way. The hollow skyscrapers.
The tank strewn streets. The empty housing blocks. All of it gone in an azure inferno.
Take it away. All of it. Make it new. Even me. Even me.


Giant monster stuff.



Date Night

It’s the same guy. Just a different girl.
Keeps on buying her drinks. She can barely stand.
He calls a cab. Calls it being a gentleman.
Let’s himself in. She’s in no position to object.
Face down on the bed. His clothes hit the floor.
Only one track now. He fails to notice much else.
Not even the girl’s hair.
How it has unfurled into two separate streams.
How they both arc over his shoulder.
Tooth laden maws gleaming in raven black.
Saliva hits his shoulder.
No scream. Just fear. Frozen.
Each strand grabs a leg, and hoists. And then tugs. And tugs.
Bone and muscle come apart in a rainbow of entrails and red.
Each mouth claims a half, and what they can scoop from the floor.
And then they lick the room clean.

Some of the clothes are not hers.
She dumps them in the trash, and makes a cup of coffee.
Then she runs her fingers through the tangles in her hair.


It’s a bit dark I guess. And it’s inspired by a Pokemon, that being Mega Mawile. Who is awesome.

New Digs


I’m back! It’s been a while, and I’m still clunky with writing, but hey, it’s happening. So that’s a good thing.

Plus I needed an excuse to use this gif. Because it’s awesome, and Tom Hiddleston is unbearably sexy.