the great wave of white light now covers the land
the sky now rended into a great white swirl.
arced, and arcing. wings of light no longer suffer under armour.
last remnants of the clouds brushed aside by arms of light.
star river exposed by the maw with ten thousand teeth.
the world now breaking into layers
pulled skyward with each flap of those great wings.
i sit, and watch. all of it unfurling in a bizarre silence.


definitely evangelion inspired.

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yay for senya!


clouds stuck in rice paddies
kanji stuck to my tongue


the clouds, the rice paddies
my kanji
all idle.


soundless kanji
pond skimmers play
in the clouds


an idle moment
the kanji doesn’t arrive
clouds tumble into rice paddies



a rice paddy in fukushima prefecture (lovely place).

music listened to as i wrote this:

all hail senya.


this sea of nothing and forever
i cannot cross
yet from shore to shore dragonflies sortie
all full of blatant beautiful grace



sea of forever and nothing
the other shoreline a blur
no concern for dragonflies

Japan Pictures 140


the other shore lost in forever and nothing
dragonflies fly
and fly

Japan Pictures 220


sea of nothing and forever i cannot sail
dragonflies bounce from shore to shore, all full of loving grace



brautigan love/homage/blatant thievery.

all photographs taken by me. one dragonfly at yamadera, one in sendai and the dry garden at kennin-ji temple.

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hi fi raver!


cloud scattering peaks
unawares gift me inspired melancholy
the sound a halted train makes
evangelion memories abound



music listened to as i wrote this:

best band in the world right now.

picture taken by me at yamadera. beautiful place.


nothing left to do now
but to sit down beside the river
and watch the cobalt grey sky
break apart under the weight
of all the oni taking flight
on those great orange constructs
those wings of light



what’s this? a poem? an update? well blow me down.

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