You’re still here, ten thousand times

The star river has churned.

You’re still here – like times old tea is shared,

Whispering again of a faraway dragon, in a faraway place.


Leaving in the freshly tumbling snow.

Those brilliant red maples burn bright, and brighter,

Constant reminders of your abode on a long journey.

Faraway places, in search of faraway things.


Ten thousand valleys of kingfisher green. Ten thousand ancient forever forests.

Ten thousand towering peaks. Ten thousand clouds idly drifting.

All under heaven, and all above

A fine place for anything to hide.


Overnight at a temple.

Rhythmically swaying lanterns stir dreams of sleep.

On the suns rise the journey will resume.

This poem scribbled on a wall.


Maple leaves tumble, and tumbling still.

Thoughts of your temple and the tea we shared.

In the vacating of the temple

faraway dragon whispers linger, and linger.



Ill intentions, foul weathers, blights on the path onwards.

A kind old Tengu wards against the two.

No spiriting away here.

An escape into the valley below, extra firewood in hand.


Boil up a pot of tea.

Maple trees are far from here.

Thoughts of that kind, old Tengu.

The extra firewood keeping me going.


The snowstorm unfurls and unfurls.

Wait, and wait a little longer.

What remains of the firewood

Will have to suffice.


Withered bones. Greying hair.

Aching skin. Flagging spirit.

By the grace of a Bodhisattva

I endure.


Home only comprised of memories and thoughts,

Here in this hamlet, distant and remote.

The locals wander home,

Under the tumbling sakura petals.



An ancient glade. A lone musician.

Songs of faraway places, and faraway things.

The music unfurls and unfurls.

Not long left to wander now.


A Vermillion bridge flows into a Vermillion Gate.

Maples leaves tumble down in waves.

Memories of an ancient forever conversation

Push me through that empty gate.


Beyond the maple trees,

On the mountain blanketed by the sakura trees.


That is my goal.


Ancient Torii gates,

Almost lost in a haze of sakura petals.

Last stops on a vast journey.

Almost there. Almost there.


Faraway things, in faraway places.

I’ll wait here, for a little while.

Tales of a faraway dragon, in a faraway place

To be regaled over tea.


Those maple leaves burning bright, and brighter in the early sun.

A friend takes in the morning air.

A quick chat, before I hear your kettle brewing.

We have much to talk about. Those faraway things, in faraway places.


A narrative poem, or poems with a narrative thread (you decide) with gifs from Sekiro providing visual story telling. A fun thing to put together. Hope y’all enjoy it.


I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.

I’ve seen obsidian dragons spewing fire over ancient, crumbling bridges.

I’ve watched infinite deserts devour the mightiest constructs.

All those moments, lost in time, like embers in a fading fire.


I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.

I’ve seen netherworld beings cross the smouldering skies.

I’ve been to the end of the world, where the sun breathed its last.

All those moments, lost in time, like embers in a fading fire.


I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.

I’ve witnessed the borealis raging afore the eternal moon.

I’ve seen the corpses of the ancients adoring the mountains high.

All those moments, lost in time, like embers in a fading fire.


Having fun with Blade Runner and Dark Souls III. God speed Rutger Hauer.


Three little Jizo’s, waiting by the dripping water.

Been waiting for some time.

Please, wait for just a little longer.

Enough so that I can scrape the moss from your eyes.


Another poem with another Sekiro gif.