the fire illuminates what it can. the forest has come to an end.
the edge of a cliff is visible. but nothing more.

my cloak has borne witness to the elements. a strip tears from it.
swaddle it around an arrow-head. dip it in to the fire. for just long enough.

draw the string back. hold it. just long enough. one breath. two breaths.
three breaths. the smallest red speck, whistling into the night.

rising, and rising. and then falling, and falling. it just keeps falling.
i watched for hours until sleep came for me. in dream it fell further still.

morning breaks. the cliff is steep, and steeper still. mist resides down below.
trees curl and bend from the face. there is no other way. bow in hand, i climb down.


something i wrote.

music listened to as i wrote this:

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otis is so good.