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hey y’all,

anyone who subscribes here (really, thank you) has probably noticed that nothing has happened for a while. well, there are reasons for this. namely, these:

寝る時間。おやすみ。#日本語 #勉強 #japanese #study

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練習/practice #日本語 #ひらがな #漢字 #japanese #hiragana #kanji

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it’s pretty much my life now. and aside from model building and origami, everything else has kinda taken a tumble. i mean i don’t play pokemon anymore, and that was 15 years of my life. so yeah, i may get some poetry written soon (i’d like too) but right now, it’s japanese or bust. i’m really sorry about the lack of updates, but seeing my progression is one of the few times in my life i’ve actually felt confident and dare i say it, happy. i hope you can understand this.

and with that, i bid you good night.

and the music i listened to as i wrote this:

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love you evangelion