Pages, Maple Leaves and Crows

Another empty page.

Counting on fresh maple leaves for inspiration.

They are taking their time.

Maybe the crows have some ideas.


Empty pages.

The inspiration of fresh maple leaves should fill them.

They are coming in late though.

I’ll try talking to the crows.


Stack of empty pages.

I was going to gaze at the maple leaves

For inspiration.

Crows took them for their nest.


The maple leaves are fresh.

Inspiration for all the poems

I would write

If the crows hadn’t made off with my paper.


The maple leaves came in blazing red.

The poem they birthed spectacular.

Left alone for a single moment

Now it provides lining for a crow’s nest.


I’m not completely sure that crows use maple leaves for their nests. But I like the image so I’m rolling with it.

Artwork found here.

I wrote this as a way to try out variations on a poem. None of these are redrafted – they are as they where written. Just rolled with it. I also wrote this while watching Mocchi Sol playing Guilty Gear (fresh off his win at Arc Revo).

As a bonus, Sol’s Strive theme (I dig it. I dig it alot.)


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