Empty Path

Ten thousand swords strewn around a field of grass.

Dull blades now fodder for rust.

A former dwelling

Slanting and slanted to ruin.

The light of a clear moon

settles on an empty path.


Ten thousand swords strewn about a field grass.

Every year,

A little more moonlight

Lost to rust.


Two poems inspired by the Guilty Gear character I play as, Baiken. The header image is of Baiken’s win screen in Guilty Gear Strive, and the video below is of her her instant kill in Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2. Both of them helped with the poems. The second poem is a bonus that developed because I like the Ten thousand swords line so much.

Video uploaded by Luchta.
Me playing as Baiken.
My favourite Baiken player. A level to aspire to.
Baiken’s theme from Strive. One of my favourites.

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