There’s lot’s to ruminate on.

When the thing broke my leg. When it snapped my arm in half. The many wounds
and scars it has inflicted. When it sent me flying from the bridge, leaving both
body and soul crippled. And the indignity of being carried to safety, robbed of my
own power. That burned for the longest.

All of these moments suddenly come together in a thick haze, halting me for a
moment. The beast lay there, howling, cradling the blood splattered fracture
that once passed for a rib cage. Brushing the memories aside, I raise the axe
on high, and finish the arc deep in its skull, sending blood everywhere.

And there I stand, plastered in crimson, filled with the joy catharsis brings.
But it won’t last for long. There’s always more beasts to slaughter.


I’ve been playing Bloodborne. Lot’s of Bloodborne. Unhealthy amounts even. But it’s so good, so very, very, very good.

What I listened to as I wrote this:

I keep trying to learn Japanese. I try to listen something everyday, just to keep the language in my mind. I do struggle with motivation right now.


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