I had to go back out there. I couldn’t leave that thing out there. A moment to
regain my composure. Another to put locate my helmet. Catching sight of myself on
my blood marked sword, there’s a mix of anxiety, fear and yet, something below all
that, simmers with hope, and brightness. I’d need that, before stepping out into the

I stumbled out of the castle, practically broken, clutching my side. Groups had
gathered with swords drawn, eyes filled with rage. They closed in, but they didn’t
matter. I held the bloody cape aloft. All of them knew of its significance, my
achievement. Falling to their knees, swords hit the ground. I made my way through
the throng, and then out of here.


A result of playing Salt and Sanctuary.

What I listened to as I wrote this:

Maybe I’ll keep learning Japanese. It would be nice to know.


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