Learning Japanese. Part 2.

And it goes on. But I would like to think today represents a good change for me. As I mentioned before I have immense trouble in asking for help. Mainly because I’m shy and all that stuff. But as I am writing this, it’s about two minutes after I went over to Hi-Native and asked for help. And that’s a good thing. Because being stuck sucks just a little bit.

For reference, part one: https://kaneda18.wordpress.com/2016/12/04/learning-japanese/?iframe=true&theme_preview=true

As well as this, I have to acknowledge that I am going to make a crap ton of mistakes, a metric crap ton of mistakes quite frankly. And I’m normally bad at showing those mistakes. With that said, here’s some stuff I’ve tried to figure out. So without further or do, let’s see just how colossally stupid I really am.

今日も戦いでもなく大破する船が2隻。。。と。- The line preceding this is simply ごめんなさい as uttered by 阿武隈 (Abukuma) as she walks into 北上 (Kitakami). Honestly, I’m having trouble with も and でもなく in this sentence. I’ve got the kanji figured out. But not quite everything else. I’m guessing, maybe it’s something like –

Today’s battle won’t have serious damage for two ships.

Or is it something like Only one ship will see major damage today.

And as far as I can tell, と functions as a question particle at the end of a sentence.

But wait, there’s more mistakes on the way.

なんか北上さんが言うには どうにもならないらしの - What Kitakami san says is futile, it seems (?)

えっと 何がです - ehh/umm, what’s that/this?

なぜだか阿武隈ちゃんみてる - Why are you looking, Abukuma chan (?)

こうしないと気が済まないって – This doesn’t feel good (?)

ふふたりとも大丈夫ですか!? - Are you two okay!? (?)

It’s early right now (lots of false dawns) but if I keep this up, I’ll get used to being more open in regards to my studies, and hopefully get better with my Japanese and all that good stuff. And I might meet new people and stuff. And that seems nice.



Also, I tend to watch Japanese stuff on YouTube and stuff and so as I was typing this, I had this running in the background:

It’s hard enough translating things but I really can’t imagine doing it on national tv. So in that segment (about the mid point of that video) well done to those girls. Well bloody done.


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