Learning Japanese



Think that’s right. Anyhoo, yes. I am learning Japanese. And I have been for about 3 years. Honestly it hasn’t gone as well as I would have liked it to. There’s reasons for this. One big thing is I get socially anxious at times and talking to people can be difficult, in a second language even more so. And I really find it hard to ask for help so I tend to plow on forward regardless, and then get frustrated with what I’m doing. And I can be self destructive and sometimes when I find my self getting good at something I’ll tear it all down.

So with this, I guess I’m trying to be open with this and maybe meet new people who are doing the same thing so I’m not going on my own and when I get stuck I can actually ask for help.

I should say I’ve been to Japan three times, and climbed Mount Fuji so I have a lot of love for the country and the people, because everyone was really nice to me.

And right now I’m trying to translate a manga. It’s a Kantai Collection manga, and it’s a collection of little stories. And I’m focusing on this one (I just really like Kitakami):


Maybe I’m way over my station with this, but I like having a goal (guessing that comes from playing video games) and working through this seems like a good little goal. And I’ve made some progress (and I’ve learned some Japanese naval terms) and hopefully I’ll post things I do on here fairly regularly. I’ll try to get into that routine.

I guess that’s about it for now.



What I listened to as I wrote this:

Been getting into pro-wrestling again. Eddie was great.


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