It’s squatted down amidst the miasma and the detritus, gorging on ash and immolated
trees. I’m too consumed with anger to as I blow my chance of a sneak attack with snap
of a common tree branch. At speed the beast turns around, letting loose a heaven
shaking roar. Knives are drawn.

One lies broken on the blackened ground. One rests in the hilt, blood dripping from
the long edge.

The beast refuses to get up. A gash across it’s abdomen runs deep. The moment it
rises the beast will spill across the valley. So it just lies there releasing
anguished breaths.

I should be filled with happiness, lost in exhilaration, awash with catharsis.
Yet all I can manage is a long stare into the creatures fading eyes as I sit on the
ground cradling my side. It would take an immense effort to stand.

Stars shine bright across the sky whilst our heavy breath shamble out into the
cold air. Both our fates are abundantly clear. Neither of us will see the morning.

It hurts. It hurts. It hurts.


Part three. This is going to redraft at some point. I like the 3 parts, but they do read more as a proof of concept then something good right now.

Music listened to as I wrote this:

Extended version is awesomes.


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