Checks completed. Everything’s clear. The battlecrusier can exit hyperspace without
a problem and cruising speed is initiated. Three pure energy torpedo’s are following
close behind though, able to escape the scanning arrays intentions. The first two
slam into the hull. One of them weakens, the other opens up. The last one slips the
gap, detonates deep in the engine core. The back-end begins to disintegrate rapidly
and a shambling wreck appears on the other side.

Red alerts send crew members madly scrambling. Status updates are ever constant, ever
changing. Solutions are proposed, shot again and proposed again. Best case scenarios
are being formulated. The hopes for them cannot be said to be high.

Those sounds the hull is making. Those left know what they mean. No need to wait for
calculations. The ship is being rended apart by gravity aided by heat. The ship is so
vast that it won’t be quick but it can’t be stopped. The point of finality has been
crossed. There’s only time for last-minute prayers, fractured communications.

The ship continues to break up. Escaping flames leave red stains along the sky. Falling
metal forms quicksilver streaks the lacerate the clouds. It all comes tumbling down,
into one great flash of light, everything all lost in white.

Whatever remains of the wind drags dull colourless leaves down empty streets and
through empty dwellings. The levitation in ruins still sits there, growing
a little more rusty every year.


It just comes crashing down sometimes. Music listened to as I wrote this:

More Yuuhei. And that’s always a good thing.


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