Two. Three. Five more come into view. Jet streams burning bright all heading to the same point. I’m almost there. I must be. The console confirms it. This journey marked by its vastness. It’s done. I’ve made it. I’ve made it.

It ain’t much. Just two space traders swapping nods. But by the angles you can tell it’s an connection between two long haulers, an appreciation of those vast distances crossed. Behind us droids and power armour wearers unload cargo. Once that’s delivered, it’s payday. Tis a good day.

Sleep that exists in the context of the day night cycle. Food that is
actually food and not a mess of some freeze dried deep field stuff. Being
able to sit around and not be on constant alert for pirates. Free from the
tyranny of fuel gauges and star charts. Things to look forward to. I’ll get
the urge to go out again but right now, I’ll rest. For a little while.


Space journey comes to an end. Music I listened to as I wrote this:

What? It’s good.


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