My docking request is working its way through the station. It’s
quite possible that it’s taking sometime to be accepted. So I’m
just floating around watching the notches on the ship’s fuel gauge slip away.

People willing to trade, couldn’t really find them. Aliens willing to trade.
Well, I was surrounded by symbols I couldn’t possibly identify trying to
communicate with a guy, four arms and eyes, armour plated. Yet, through a
series of seemingly impossible gestures I came out with fuel and he a nice amount
of compensation. Always nice to make a connection.

There’s a little delay before the console bleeps into life. I double-check the
flight path and see if any adjustments can be made. The engines fire up and it’s
reassuring to hear that noise again. The landing gear clicks into place and it’s
about that time, to head off into that deep black star strewn void.


More space stuff. I’m having fun with it.

Music listened to as I wrote this:

Never enough Yuuhei.


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