Days and nights have become nothing more than a slog. Well that’s not
entirely true. The last night has been a slog. Its been so long since
I’ve been planet side I’m not sure the day night cycle still exists.
Out here it just seems like perpetual night. Counting the stars
provides something of a distraction.

The bright burn of a jet stream. First one I’ve seen in a while.
It suddenly freezes, then vanishes. God speed fellow traveler. And
that’s a timely reminder. I should check my own jump co-ordinates.
Can’t be too far away now.

The fuel gauge has taken a dive. There’s enough to make it to the nearest
station so that’s pretty good. Hopefully I should be able to purchase and/or
barter for fuel. If not, well, I’m all out of pocket.


Space travel and ships and stuff.

Music listened to as I wrote this:

Yuuhei is life, Yuuhei is love.


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