There’s no real reason to go back. Missions are scarce in that sector and in any
case all of my runs have been turned in. The warp fuel costs are going to set me
back some. There’s a neon blue glow in the background, the co-ordinates sitting
there on the screen. I keep glancing at the stars, and back again.


An old freighter all hollowed out. The less of it since I last passed through
here. Memories of skimming its hull during my last smuggling run. There’s no
urgency here today, and the wreck slowly fade into space. A check of
the navigation screen. I’m getting there.


I shut the engine down and turn off the navigation. Everything switched off
barring the life support. I only glimpsed this before in the shade of my afterburner.
the great swirls of cosmic dust all in yellow and blue, green and red. I wanted
to see it, just once, without hurry. I’ll be here, for a little while.


When the oxygen hits low I’ll go. but not before.


Couldn’t decide on the closing line so I included both.

Video I watched as I wrote this:

I’m going to miss Drown Out.


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