The light is blinding. I’ve shanked the warp co-ordinates. The cockpit is blanketed
by sparks. The engines are in the process of crapping out and the steering is
failing in ways I never even considered possible.


The ship has limped to a safe distance. the damage report is going to take some
time to finish. while waiting for that I’ll carry out whatever repairs I can.
The star is beautiful though. From this distance though. Not the other one.


The engines are actually better than expected. Same goes for the hull. The
former is functional, the latter is holding together. The steering is selective
in its responses. Shields gone, navigation’s glitched out. It’ll keep me busy.


In regards to small jumps the ships fine. I just carried one out to prove
the point. I cannot guarantee the same for large jumps. There’s still some
time before that. Fun fun fun.


Music listened to as I wrote this:

Good stuff.


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