Just checked the counter. That’s three warp jumps completed. There’s five left,
which is just enough. I’m in no hurry right now, sitting back and counting the stars.
The small planet below is my destination. It ain’t going anywhere.

The jet stream of another ship. It’s a rare but pleasant sight. Not much in the way
of company but it’s good to know there’s other pilots out here. Well, that’s
enough stalling. Let’s get down there.

Devoid of life. Check. Mainly flat land. Check check. Well, better get the scanner
to work and hurry this up. The vast plain rising into a mountain backed the star field
makes for a nice view though.

Bingo. The thing’s suitable for mining. Which means I’ll get a nice payment for this
report. There’s no life here so nothings getting hurt, which is nice. Time to return
to the ship. There’s one more warp jump to be made.


Music listened to as I wrote this:

Scott Joplin’s good stuff.


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