bird songs no more. now just the ever constant throng of car horns. the accompaniment
to life here in these abandoned, half empty apartments.

some took all of their stuff. others didn’t. some doors left locked. some haven’t
remained that way. figures.

there’s one i like. stacks of manga and sci fi. just sitting there, idly gazing upon
the pictures, imaging star cruisers in the drooping sunlight. it’s nice.

can’t stay there forever though. there’s foraging to be done in the trails left by a
retreating army. things lost. things hidden, a chance for trading. sometimes.

a moderately okay cup ramen. one too many batteries. an exchange.her long black hair,
a pleasant distraction. she leaves a maybe behind.


continuation from the previous post. should be five in total.

music listened to as i wrote this:

video uploaded by user KaiMVs

more hotline miami music. so good. so very very good.


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