night comes quick here. the tundra shrinks from view.
ten thousand stars appear quite suddenly.
in gaps between lights arc and trail.

two beam shots. one flies by.
the other skirts past the leg armour.

breaths hang thick in the night air.
both sleep and warm beds beckon.
yet the lights grow more vibrant, intense.

a quick turn allows for return fire.
through splintered metal retaliation is almost instant.

eyelids simply weight too much now.
snow crunches under footfalls homeward.
flashes of light blaze on an empty tundra.

crippled limbs. thrusters wrecked. weapons broken.
two shots. one for the head. one for the chest. it’s over.


mecha orientated kind of fun. the best kind of fun.

music listened to as i typed this up:

video uploaded by user Nitori Kappashiro

hooray for amateras records!


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