to have a ship capable of light speed. to witness the fuselage fade from view,
the hull slowly vanish from ones sight and the cockpit melting away to leave
only the vastness of space before me.


it’s coming apart. it’s been coming apart for weeks now. sometimes a panel,
other times a funnel. all left floating in deep space. the skirmish was
fierce and help is distant. at some point the cruiser will disintegrate.
its just that no one knows when.


the mecha are huge, and i am small. to the rear the base rests in ruin. and up
ahead the valley has become a sea of flame. yet, i need only to to turn left or
right for the prospect of freedom. but heavy footfalls end such whims.


read some of kafka’s short stories, and felt inspired to try some science fiction ones.

music listened to as i typed this up:

video uploaded by user Jjjj

y’all should play shovel knight. like right now.


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