a solitary craft resembling a mecha, red in colour has been observed making
approaches on our ships. easily fended off without much effort. however, its
speed must be noted. very quick over both long and short distances. lateral
speed also impressive. no long range weaponry seen. uncertain on the presence
of short range weaponry.

the same craft no identified as the red mech was seen again. fended off with ease
once more. but there was something different about its movements this time. almost
as if it was testing, teasing out our fire patterns, identifying gun placements.
please ensure all crews are made aware of this.

the red mecha hasn’t shown for weeks now. all crews still reminded to watch for
unidentified craft, and to maintain eternal vigilance. after the incidents, our
presence here may still be met with resentment.

the red mecha reappeared. it appeared to possess a complete understanding of our
gun placements and fire patterns. the ease with which it evaded our laser streams
was alarming. its speed is maintained even during evasive maneuvers. two crusiers
and a transport wholly destroyed. one ship escaped but upon return, the damage
sustained resulted in decommissioning. its armament seems to be two beam sword,
based on the vast marks left on the ship. further information as available.
all future missions from here on in will have escort accompaniment.
all crews to maintain high alert regardless.

no sign of the red mecha since the being of escort squads. all pilots please
maintain eternal vigilance. this lull resembles patterns seen previously.


account from pilot 5578.
“all systems were nominal. vigilance was a constant. we noticed movement on
the scanners. but…but…the straight line speed…like a streaking comet.
it just crashed right on through the cruiser. moments later the back end exploded
and fire consumed the rest. squad leader told the other ships to fly on ahead.

it, they…i’m assuming it has a pilot…it has the same build as our mecha but its
armour…looked biological…like our inner frames, but with biological armour…
however that would come to be…about twenty metres tall, at a guess…has intelligence. it, they…i’ll go with it, it knew how to use the carcass of the cruiser as cover. zipping in and out, the angles it took. almost completely neutralized our beam rifles. johanson never had a chance. it shifted between the beam rifle shots before delivering a swift, clean kick to the midriff before arcing its beam blade…it looked like that…through and across the mechs chest. it was over before it began.

two other mechs fell quickly. no time to ready close quarter weapons. it seemed like
it could phase…bend light around its body for a few seconds at a time. those two
barely saw it coming. no escape pods seen.

commander was the best we had…it just toyed with him. almost like it let him live
as long as it pleased…then with two quick strokes his arms where gone, soon followed
by the rest of his body.

i ran. seeing bits of my teammates just floating there i couldn’t take it. court
martial me. anything so i don’t see that thing again. you’d better have a plan for
it, or else its appearance alone will win battles for it. it’ll become legend.

pilot 5578 stopped responding soon after.
no court martial due to testimony. reassigned to admin work upon return.


five blue and white mechs floating through space.
then along comes on red mecha.
and then there were no blue and white mechs
floating through space.

spent all of yesterday
trying to gun down a
red shadow
just to see my comrades die.

the crimson knight. the red terror.
we speak of it in hushed tones.
some of us see it as our end.
some of us mythologize it as our saviour.
the crimson knight. the red terror.
givin’ the way this war is going
guess we’ll find out either way.
but…many of us won’t see that day.

the crimson knight. the gunfire begins anew. but…
the bullets arrive where it was, never where it is.
grand blazing sword slides through mechs.
imbued with serene grace.
this isn’t combat. It’s not war.
it’s the concept of zen,
soaked and boiled in ultra violence.

found in various pilots notebooks.


part of something bigger. just test running a few things here. gundam references abound. and i recycled an earlier work:

the music listened to as i typed this up:

yuuhei again. awesomes.


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