with a blockade like this standard military protocol can range from capture
to firing upon any ship trying to leave the area.

i’m in the only ship leaving. the ruins of a cruiser drift on by. deep joy.
laser marked every which way. i’m telling myself smaller targets are harder to hit.

barrel rolls. and more. there’s plenty guns here. i really should have set
the light speed co-ordinates before leaving, cause multi tasking is a tricky thing.

this is no good. the shield cannot function indefinitely and a crippling blow
is inevitable at some point. damn law of averages. pretty laser show though.

in amongst though, they cannot fire lest they risk crippling themselves.
just like zipping through the canyons back home. just rendered in metal over stone.

bouncing from ship to ship i can see open space becoming close, and closer.
flying low flying fast. not long till the jump now.

everything slows. the stars stretch. stretch longer still. and like that, i can see
the derelict space station again. halfway home now.

two sectors clear. for the first time in a long time i can just let the ship drift.
space is a beautiful place, all lost in starlight.

touchdown. armour up. just in case. credits come first, then the blue prints.
not my usual clients. explorers, classifiers of faraway fauna.

a lot of trouble for engine blueprints. overheard the words no more fuel in passing.
if that’s true, a great many people would be after that.

payday is a good day. always followed by the hiding days. people can get angry.
just one burner out in space, heading towards the backwaters. for a little while.


all finished up. been fun.

music listened to as i typed this up:

uploaded by user Jon Bois

breaking madden is happiness itself.


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