beam rifle fire rattles through the corridors. bodies barring different insignia
slump against walls, rest on the floor. must be a quieter route.

empty rooms. damaged equipment. i can hear the outer layers coming apart.
and the echo of footsteps heavy.

“hey, commander says that every sold – wait, you’re n – ”
keep distractions to a minimum. non – existent if possible.

got it. got it. got it. S.I.E.18 blueprints. now, to root through dead mens
item kits. i have my reasons. some of them must have explosive things.

all the data stuff is rigged up. found a safe distance. and detonate. no trace
of my being here. lets hope that those heavy footsteps sounded out the blast.

putting a man through a wall reveals no exit. damn maze.
a mecha coming through the wall. that does.

running up the metal arm. over the vast shoulders. down the trailing arm.
the base below now a fire pit. a good time to kick on the thrusters.

traverse this other mechas arm. hold still dammit. back of the head a blind spot, and
finally climb down the back. and run. like it was the only thing i was born to do.

the noise is horrendous. the smoke thick, and thicker. seems like the mechas are
triumphing. but really, i have little idea of the happenings behind me.

nights fallen. lights splinter on the trees. someones combing the forest for
survivors. keeping low til the morn. just hope no one finds the ship.

flying high flying fast. everyone’s too busy mopping up and or fighting back.
now just to clear the light year thick fleet that’s out there.


part 4. last part should be sorted out soon. giant robots make everything better. some gundam references too.

the music i listened to as i typed this up:

video uploaded by user GreenwichInTheSky

sound holic are always good.


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