i’d be feeling lonesome if not for the fleetful of ships behind me. i’ll
exit light speed first but still, we may be looking for the same thing. great.

those space stations aren’t worth checking. no point in being on board
when those ships start on deconstructing them.

flying low flying fast. touching the treetops. not giving the anti-aircraft
fire any chances. touch down in a nearby valley. work beckons.

sending the blueprints through backwater routes didn’t work. guess they’re
just jamming them under tonnes of steel and concrete now. worth a try.

every section seems to be on alert. a lot of manpower. a lot of tech.
i can’t take this place on my own. but, wait for it. wait for it.

little flickers all over the sky, blossom into long shimmering arcs. whistling
fills the jungle air. dark grey pods smash into concrete. armours ready. go time.

a whirring sound, then mech units and soldiers pour out. 20 metres of metal suited
fury. slide down the hill, rocket jump the wall. remember, confusion is my friend.

it’s all gone batshit. running under great mechanized legs. bodies everywhere.
a mech all tumbled and broken. at least no ones focusing on me.

the entrance was heavily guarded. now there are many entrances.
and by entrances i mean glorified holes.

inside there’s soldiers running around, defending rabidly. just keeping my head down.
things are in a process of falling down. but the core seems intact. for now.

get to that core. that’s where the blueprints are being held. any attempt to send them
elsewhere will now be fruitless. that’s in my favour, if not a lot else.


two parts of this left. should have them done soon…ish.

music listened as i typed this up:

video uploaded by user Nitori Kappashiro

crest are a good listen.


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