the first snow tumbles down fine
the trees all empty the forest vast
branch laden air sheathed in silence
thin sheet of anonymity blocks the cold best it can
under the grey bound sky i see
leafen pyramids under the naked trees roll by
until one tree, spun in red twine
that stretches into forest deep.

the branches layered so thick
night and day have no meaning here
the red thread meanders through the trees
and i refuse to relinquish my curiosity
footsteps fallen to far to turn back now.
the thread finds another tree
tangles up with a blue thread
as they split and twist into deep forest space.

many threads on many branches looped, and looping
many colours suspended and spiraling off in multiple directions
in some places the thread so thick
i have to brush it away from my face
whoever did this, whenever they did this
is, are lost in this rainbowed twine
covering the innumerable great trunks
wrapped around the many wizened branches.

walking on the forest floor now impossible
so many layers deep the thread has become
tears and frays but refusing to break under footfall.
i climb, and climb high, and higher
patches of azure break right on through
the cold air follow in close behind
as the first stars arrive for nightfall
a treetop walk on rainbowed thread the only way forward.



i’ve been reading italo calvino again. invisible cities is a gorgeous book.

image found here:

music listened to as i typed this up:

video uploaded by user AliceSeason678

it’s good. really good. artwork choice is brilliant too.


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