remnants of a distress signal. it’s where i need to be anyways.
probably not going to be as quiet as the last stop.

four raiding vessels. matching insignia. already there’s a great hole been
carved into the station. docking time saved there. thanks to that kind soul.

blood splattered military uniforms littering the gangways. shouting heard up
ahead, paired with shooting. this isn’t a rescue mission though. no sentiment.

that sound? a billion minuscule united in crumpling a mans rib cage.
the other sound? the same robots concaving the same mans face.

giant hole aside the structure seems more or less intact. internal systems seem
to have stabilised the gravity. aside from the sentry i’m staying out of trouble.

the crew must have been caught unawares. bodies appearing more frequently.
with fleets spread ships can’t be assigned to faraway space.

three shot bursts. the rifle adjusts for the opponents next moves. probability based.
comes in handy. no kill shots. lets see who has information.

knowing where the hostiles are located means for a safe navigation. knowing where
the data banks are makes for a quicker navigation. still, kill shots when necessary.

command centre ravaged. people in parts. data points in many, many bits.
lucky if the plans are still here, or even traceable.

the one place that isn’t a wreck. the blueprints left here just
after the distress signal. onwards.

whoever’s left can have whatever’s left. i need to move fast now.
too soon to think about getting paid now.


essentially a follow up to fallen. and maybe a prequel to vast.

music listened to as i typed this up:

video uploaded by user ABox

i love the internet.


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