a glance to the left. a glance to the right. there’s nothing showing
on the map. only ship in the sector.

a flicker on the map. not far now. heavy on the thrust. an azure trail
left by the burner glows bright, and brighter.

the docking station looks somewhat sturdy. the void and war have both
left their indelible marks. collapse and decay are prevalent here.

the innards visible from space. looks like navigation remains a possibility
though. seems empty enough. evac happened as protective fronts fell in succession.

quick tap of the wrist unit. takes seconds for the nanobot swarm to assemble
into the MSA-06 suit. bright red, gorgeous curves, no possibility left unguarded.

signs of life. nothing dangerous though. solitary cleaning droid fights the inevitable
decay. with a broom. i have to admire the unintended, unaware endeavour.

lift shafts and stairwells all sorts of collapsed. beyond the floating debris
the vast plain of space. beautiful. onwards though. work to do. thrusters working overtime.

some of the crew never left. space isopods the size of dogs render clean remains
cleaner still. crumpled photos provide evidence of better days before.

the MSA renders the command door a futile obstacle. station leader now isopod fodder.
picture of a bright, clear uniform with family. little time for sentiment.

red ring of a burner. looks like a small ship though, and passes by regardless.
ready for a battle if it came to that. evasion is always better though.

the blueprints passed through here. not long before the lines fell.
i’ll keep following the trail. in a moment though. the view demands admiring.


more science fiction. i drafted it in two line, and just kept it like that. for reasons.

music listened to while typing this up:

video uploaded by user 落とし神

silver forest are awesomes.


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