the sun hangs high in the sky
i don’t recall ever seeing it set in this place
the lone shadow of a forlorn mech provides relief
shelter here is a limited resource
a cloak of anonymity provides only modest protection
sand stretches in every direction for eons, and eons
there is no real horizon to speak of
just an endless blurring of blue and yellow

the cockpit is marked with arcane symbols
entwined with many layers of dust
the only place to find sleep and solace
in a place where the stars remain altogether absent
nary a sound to be heard in the heat
aside from the drone of the sands
yet upon waking i always find tracks on the sand
far larger than those of any man, mechanical in form

on wind high the plain rears up
rolling waves of sand blind the sun
the sky suffocated by the many grains
swirls of cacophony assault the mech
but the metal form holds firm
dredged up from desert depths
mech suits in multitude, shining knights
gazing my way under heat scorching

the sandstorm has abated stillness has returned
the sun unbowed by the sound and the fury
the study of a new language
leads to legs moving, arms swinging
ancient forever gears in slow whirls
the golden knight gleaming, and gleaming
followed by many others
to where i do not know



back to the shorter stuff today,

image found here:

five star stories is good stuff.

and the music i listened to as i typed this up:

good music is good.


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