I’ve been riding. The duration unknown. I keep riding.
I’m trying to find something. The ruin of the world. Perhaps.
My motives are decayed beyond recognition.
Where I came from I cannot say.
The memory is no longer capable of unfurling such thoughts.

This plain is vast without end or definition. A sea of grass and dirt.
At night it is alive with shadows of great size with mewls from the netherworld.
Dragons scream overhead in arcs of star fires. I keep riding.
By the morning time nothing remains.
Only the sound of the empty wind and horse hoof clatters.

Gazing out from mountain high. The first snow is falling.
My body awoken by the unbroken horse.
Down into the plain. Into the white.
I keep riding.
I keep riding.

the plain breaks into forest land
stretching horizon deep. on i ride.
no wind plays in this place yet the trees still move.
through emerald leaf spaces stars wheel, and wheel,
shifting roots challenge the horse but nothing more.

riding alongside rivers vast
i gaze at the black shapes down below
each tail swipe traverses the river bed.
but the surface only ripples, and nothing more.
on flat ground the horse strides greatly under empty skies.

body of white fur face of dark fur watched my ascent on mountain paths.
something blazes at extreme speed under the sliding clouds.
body of white fur face of dark fur gazes into the distant
the horse needs no encouragement.
i keep riding. i keep riding.

tower tall idly breaks into the sky. first town seen.
ashen pagodas all hollows.
people here have long since left.
night falls. ghosts eat through shadows. two tailed cats dance, and dance.
i keep riding.

lantern light bobs across open plain.
trading post, nothing more.
few supplies taken, nothing more.
under fallen night only the stars watch my leave.
i keep riding.

comings together of oni and metal.
forgotten engagements taken by rust.
sunlight breaks on colossal forms and scattered metal.
galloping in and through mechanized shadow
i keep riding.

mountains fold into plains.
colossal foot prints have broken the flat lands.
heading towards the faraway mountains.
where metallic cry’s rattle the edge of heaven.
i keep riding.

second town appears.
buildings here know not of symmetry.
ancient forever kana bathes in lantern light.
for a moment trudging hooves rest for tea.
i keep riding.

where the great spear comes through the clouds.
and the star rivers flood on through.
from the sky locked in night black.
the horse goes for a little wander.
during which i rest, for a little while.


nothing new. just some poems i wrote in sequence. figured i’d put them together.

the music i listened to while i did this:

uploaded by user LIGHT Liu

god i love neon genesis evangelion (新世紀エヴァンゲリオン for authenticity)

oh, and i can read some japanese without a dictionary now. that’s pretty cool.



  1. claudia · March 12, 2015

    there surely is a time for riding – and a time for resting – finding the own heartbeat again..

  2. Björn Rudberg (brudberg) · March 12, 2015

    There is a certain magic in riding.. the beat and the way you can sit there observing.. 🙂

  3. kanzensakura · March 12, 2015

    Good for you on the Japanese! Reading this poem was like riding…and resting. 🙂 Not equals a good ride on horseback.

  4. billgncs · March 12, 2015

    Liked the Oni reference and the Japanese – I felt a little of the Eastern ethos of a hero struggling against a powerful foe, even though victory was not inevitable.

  5. charliezero1.wordpress.com · March 12, 2015

    You have rhyme and soul. This poem is brilliant! and awesome!

  6. scotthastiepoet · March 12, 2015

    Very Nice! Redolent of Game of thrones for me… With Best Wishes Scott www,scotthastie.com

  7. katiemiafrederick · March 12, 2015

    Ah.. the beauty of mindful awareness that comes with the ride of life.. away from all toils and troubles of texted world…

    To afraid to ride two legged beasts of motored cycle.. but with dance i ride.. in forest.. or cement shopping stores.. and the mindful awareness that comes.. is certainly la free ride for me..:)

  8. C.C. · March 13, 2015

    Being able to write while simultaneously listening to music….that is quite the feat…one I could never quite accomplish! This line, in particular, is beautiful: “Dragons scream overhead in arcs of star fires. I keep riding.” I like the way the “I keep riding” sounds so resolute and strong in its simplicity following such an imagery rich sentence proceeding it. Beautifully done.

  9. Anna · March 13, 2015

    Ride on! This read like a dream. I’m a sucker for dragons.

  10. The Course of Our Seasons · March 13, 2015

    Such a journey – wonderful feeling throughout – particularly liked the stanza ‘riding along the rivers vast’

  11. lynn__ · March 13, 2015

    There’s a lovely, even fearful, cadence to this poem series…unrelenting union of horse and rider.

  12. Lacy J · March 14, 2015

    Great writing!

  13. Suyash_J · March 15, 2015

    well witten

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