the clouds are burning again.
viscous smoke obscures the mountain.
no climbing til it wanes.
waiting for that, we’ll eat our ramen.


in sacred fires the clouds change into viscous smoke.
enenra clusters in mountain crevices.
til it fades there will be no climbing.
until that time, we’ll eat our ramen.


the clouds are wrapped in fires.
mountains blanketed in viscous smoke.
til that migrates we cannot climb.
wait, and waiting, we get through our ramen.


fire circles the idle clouds.
viscous smoke comes to a stop on the mountains.
we cannot climb until it thins out.
til then, our ramen will occupy us.


clouds and ramen and stuff.

and as always, the music i listened to as i typed this up:

uploaded by Jon Bois.

for the record, breaking madden is the best thing on the internet. read it, watch it, love it.


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