the sky has long since burned through.
shimmering arrows skim over standing rubble.
two tailed cats bat at tumbling colours,
stemming from neon flowers growing in idle spaces.


the sky has long since burned down.
high over rubble arrows quiver.
tumbling petals evade two tailed paw swipes
from neon flowers occupying empty spaces.


the sky long since tumbled in flame.
shining arrows skim over dust layered rubble.
two tailed cats swipe at quivering petals.
neon flowers cluster in spaces vast.


fires long since consumed the sky.
skimming arrows shine of dust on rubble.
oscillating petals dance around two tailed paws.
in spaces vast neon flowers gathered, and gather.


last of the sky lost in fires vast.
arcs of arrows skim, shine over tumbled rubble.
two tailed cats frolic in storms of petals and leaves.
neon flowers burn bright, and brighter in darkness long.


the sky burnt out long ago.
quivers of arrows rest on piled rubble.
neon flowers in herds vast unfurl, and unfurl.
two tailed cats await the petal storm.


none of this makes any sense. at all.

and as usual, the music i was listening to as i typed this up:

good music is good.


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