scattered colours of neon genesis
bicycles clatter over rain plastered pavements
ramen house glows in distance long
a fox bathes in neon flames


in neon flames a fox bathes.
bicycles clatter of rain marked pavements.
scatters of kana flicker bright, and brighter.
the genesis of something amazing. bowl of ramen comes together.


a fox rests in neon fires.
rain slaked pavements fade amid bicycle streams.
flickers of kana flare, and flaring.
something amazing in genesis. a bowl of ramen coming together.


neon flames hide an idle fox.
bicycle columns cross rain sunk pavements.
pockets of kana flicker, and flare.
in genesis, something amazing. soba noodles sink into ramen soup.


a fox exits amid neon flares.
passing bicycles scatter puddles deep.
kana flares brighter, and bright.
soba noodles sink into ramen broth. the genesis of amazing.


in neon fires a fox grooms itself. no haste.
puddles break under crossing bicycles.
flicker and flare of scattered kana.
soba noodles. ramen broth. genesis of something sublime.


foxes and ramen oh my. as always, the music i listened to as i typed these up:

video uploaded by


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