the movies finished.
uneaten food left in enclaves.
lance of longinus passed through here.
some distance away, a freight trains heavy glide.


the projector has ended its cycles.
enclaves filled with uneaten food.
spear of longinus has passed through clouds here.
a freight trains heavy glide, some distance away.


stopped revolutions. silent projector.
leftover food fills the hidden spaces.
this space has been shifted by the lance of longinus.
some distance away, freight trains heavy glide.


the movies run its course.
candy remnants idle in seats.
spear of longinus have moved through this space.
freight trains heavy glide, in the distance.


the film reel has gone cold.
wrappers, empty and half full rest on the floor.
through these clouds, the spear of longinus has passed.
heavy glide of a freight train, in distance long.


gathered dust on an idle projector.
fallen wrappers wait for a passing brush.
the air bears the marks of the lance of longinus.
in distances long, the heavy glide of a freight train.


bizarrely regular updates. and some eva references.

and as always, the music i listened to as i typed this:

video uploaded by user 宇佐見ライト

good music is good.



  1. claudia · October 26, 2014

    very cool… finding new ways of saying the same things… we get never tired of it as poets, don’t we..

  2. Björn Rudberg (brudberg) · October 26, 2014

    The regular small changes of each stanza changes in the same way the train leaves .. leaving us standing with finished candy and a film that’s ended… there is a strong feeling of loneliness for me at the end.

  3. bleibalien · October 26, 2014

    Groovy piece. Loved observing the changes- especially the movement of the holy lance.

  4. Justin Lamb · October 27, 2014

    That was clever. I enjoyed reading this.

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