mountains fold into plains.
colossal foot prints have broken the flat lands.
heading towards the faraway mountains.
where metallic cry’s rattle the edge of heaven.
i keep riding.

second town appears.
buildings here know not of symmetry.
ancient forever kana bathes in lantern light.
for a moment trudging hooves rest for tea.
i keep riding.

where the great spear comes through the clouds.
and the star rivers flood on through.
from the sky locked in night black.
the horse goes for a little wander.
during which i rest, for a little while.


my rider will rest now, till i can think of some new places to go. bunch of references here. and i know some more japanese words now, which is nice. and i’ve been talking to some japanese people in japanese. i’m making mistakes, but hey, i’m learning. stuff’s going good.

and as always, the music i listened to as i typed this up:

video uploaded by user Shaya Kagi

everyone should listen to japanese music. tis good stuff.

night all, おやすみなさい。


One comment

  1. yelena · August 11, 2014

    exquisitely woven..loved this poetic beauty~

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