dancing and twirling

even the wind won’t pass through this place
but the dust is still contracting and shifting
in and out of blown through buildings
crimson boots dancing and twirling.

and at extreme speed arcs the blazing grand sword.

the dust resumes its state of rest
on the tumbled exoskeletons lain in piece
and in and out of the blown through buildings
the wind still refuses this place.


mecha stuff. and three updates in a week. this is happening. and another pokemon reference.

and the music listened to while typing this:

video uploaded by user Ch0s3tt3

think it fits with this.



  1. D... · June 3, 2014

    There is magic in wind is there not. Doesn’t it just whisk you away to another world? I missed the Pokeman reference, it’s been a while since I’ve been in that dimension.

    And really cool that you’ve been posting more frequently. I admire that.

    • skyraftwanderer · June 5, 2014

      Think I’m back in a groove now. But I now know how easily that can go away, so I gotta keep at this.

      And Arcanine once had extreme speed as it’s signature attack. I’ll be dropping more of these when I can.

      And thank you for the comment.

      • D... · June 7, 2014

        Just like haiku, your work has the double entendre. The face value but the secret message within. The pokemon secret message within. (I think I needed to be a pokemon character when I say that, a little one, with my arms crossed, eyes closed and head nodding as I slowly say it, like I’ve dropped a boat load of knowledge)

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