I’ve been riding. The duration unknown. I keep riding.
I’m trying to find something. The ruin of the world. Perhaps.
My motives are decayed beyond recognition.
Where I came from I cannot say.
The memory is no longer capable of unfurling such thoughts.

This plain is vast without end or definition. A sea of grass and dirt.
At night it is alive with shadows of great size with mewls from the netherworld.
Dragons scream overhead in arcs of star fires. I keep riding.
By the morning time nothing remains.
Only the sound of the empty wind and horse hoof clatters.

Gazing out from mountain high. The first snow is falling.
My body awoken by the unbroken horse.
Down into the plain. Into the white.
I keep riding.
I keep riding.


I don’t know if regular updates will ever come back, but it’s something.

Also I’m trying to teach myself Japanese, so that’s happening as well.



  1. D... · May 5, 2014

    You always write things that send me to interesting places. The whole blogging regularly thing is hard to do.

    Wow, learning Japanese, the characters and all? How goes it?

    • skyraftwanderer · May 17, 2014

      Eh, I know. But it’s just I used to write every day. Just really hard getting that groove back.

      I tested myself today. Remembered 41 of the 46 basic hiragana from memory. Which isn’t bad I guess.

      And apologies for not visiting for a while. I haven’t read blogs for a while, but I’ll try to soon. Just got to get back into the swing of things.

  2. claudia · June 28, 2014

    sounds like you’re in a transitional phase of your life…an inbetween space full of fears and opportunities and new things ahead…love that you’re learning japanese… i find japan such a fascinating country….would love to travel there one day…

  3. brian miller · June 28, 2014

    best of luck on the japanese…

    helps that i just watched the end of jeremiah johnson…where he is riding out through the snow and sees the indian in the distance…all i could think about as i was reading this…

  4. Bridge2Vision · June 29, 2014

    Found myself feeling odd – sort of an imprisoned freedom as I read through this piece. Great clarity in the way you conveyed the shadow of being lost in great open space.

  5. Björn Rudberg (brudberg) · June 29, 2014

    At one level this reads like a fantasy story – where dragons and the wild plains rule.. At another it’s the adventure and changes we sometimes have to face… What life is really all about.

  6. ayala · June 29, 2014

    Very cool…nice that you are learning Japanese. My son wants to study it as well.

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