Emerald and Jade.

Shimmers in emerald and jade,
forest entwined in humid airs.
In and through bird song fly’s a great horned beetle.
Mushrooms, idle, grow in reds and whites.
Curious trout break the waterline, before diving
into creek deep.
The leaves begin to quiver. Then the trees rattle as one.
Great fires plow through it all
and the illusory form crumples.

Back in the dust. The mech shakes.
Exhausted buildings just tumble, and tumble.
Easier to walk on bullet casings than the ground.
Shoulder cannons discharge. There’s an exo-skeleton that
still hasn’t returned to terra firma.
The blazing grand sword razes the shadows,
everything before it
no longer one piece.
And then this fades.

Maple leaves contemplate their jumps.
Sunlight arcs through the ever shifting gaps.
The beetle refuses to land, and the birds
still sing from forest deep.
And there we were.
Just sitting.
Just holding hands.
Just smiling,
and then we leaned in

Fucks sake. Just stop shooting.
You can’t hit this.
Staccato rifle fire brings silence.
But the moments gone.
How did it get to this?
And like before,
the heaven shattering roar sounds again.


About time I posted something. I am still writing, but please do not expect regular updates. I’m a ways from that.


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