So its come to this

The days have forsaken their identities. Another block becomes dust in the wind.
Tomorrows of mecha pilots stack up. They’ll never get any use now.

The horizon has burned down. Clouds downed in plumes of fire. Heaven breaking roar
shatters what is left of the will. White fire exits toothen maw at extreme speed.

I sit, and watch the colourless flame envelop all in its way. The hollow skyscrapers.
The tank strewn streets. The empty housing blocks. All of it gone in an azure inferno.
Take it away. All of it. Make it new. Even me. Even me.


Giant monster stuff.





  1. Millie Ho · February 16, 2014

    I like this.

    Reminds me of living in the city, where you can sometimes feel alone but connected at the same time.

    • skyraftwanderer · February 16, 2014

      Thank you for commenting.

      And I like your comment. It’s fun when something gets read in a totally different way.

      I was just going for a thing with a giant monster going rawr.

  2. Björn Rudberg (brudberg) · February 18, 2014

    Oh the monster I read into this is a quite human one.. of intolarance and revenge… well written..

  3. brian miller · February 18, 2014

    ha. you had me at the mecha…i was instantly in a futuristic video game…
    but at that point…i would probably want all things to be made new
    especially me…

  4. kelly · February 18, 2014

    i love the way you packed so much intensity into these lines… and that ending is perfect. powerful, and perfect.

  5. amberglowsofaslowburn · February 18, 2014

    I love the way you end this. Very cool piece.

  6. Alex Dissing · February 18, 2014

    The images in this poem reminded me of the movie Cloverfield. I like how you ended with repetition, it ends the poem nicely.

  7. Oloriel · February 18, 2014

    “Take it away. All of it. Make it new. Even me. Even me.” – while trying to imagine the scenes you described while reading, I ask myself would this be what I would think/say as well, in that moment?
    Great write, I liked it very much!

  8. katiemiafrederick · February 19, 2014

    Wow.. i’ve actually wished the world away..and even hoped a flood to come..
    to wash away it all..but the seagulls spotless souls in sky..
    And then i thought..wait..what about my cat..he walks on land..

    So i gave it all
    a second chance..:)

  9. claudia · February 19, 2014

    there def. is a point of no return…and when there is a chance to make things new…i’d def. would go for it

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