Date Night

It’s the same guy. Just a different girl.
Keeps on buying her drinks. She can barely stand.
He calls a cab. Calls it being a gentleman.
Let’s himself in. She’s in no position to object.
Face down on the bed. His clothes hit the floor.
Only one track now. He fails to notice much else.
Not even the girl’s hair.
How it has unfurled into two separate streams.
How they both arc over his shoulder.
Tooth laden maws gleaming in raven black.
Saliva hits his shoulder.
No scream. Just fear. Frozen.
Each strand grabs a leg, and hoists. And then tugs. And tugs.
Bone and muscle come apart in a rainbow of entrails and red.
Each mouth claims a half, and what they can scoop from the floor.
And then they lick the room clean.

Some of the clothes are not hers.
She dumps them in the trash, and makes a cup of coffee.
Then she runs her fingers through the tangles in her hair.


It’s a bit dark I guess. And it’s inspired by a Pokemon, that being Mega Mawile. Who is awesome.



  1. D... · February 11, 2014

    It’s dark, but in a good visceral way, in the medical way. I just keep thinking of those tangles. Eeekkkk!!!!

  2. Yousei Hime · February 11, 2014

    New perspective on Pokemon. May just let my Mawhile go. 😉

  3. claudia · February 11, 2014

    oh my goodness…that didn’t develop the way he thought it would… creepy.. but i don’t feel sorry for him…ha

  4. brian miller · February 11, 2014

    inspired by a pokemon…
    i never would have guessed….
    stomach turning at the thought of what happens to far too many
    drunk…headed toward one place—regret in the morning…

  5. K. A. Brace · February 11, 2014

    I thought this was pretty cool. Like a scene in Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. >KB

  6. katiemiafrederick · February 12, 2014

    well talk .. about gnawing one’s arm off in the morning..after..
    this is the nightmare of the cad..
    delivered…in more
    than one piece…

  7. Gabriella · February 12, 2014

    Dark and chilling tale!

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